Hollywood Liberals To Joe Biden: “There’s Still Time to Run”

Joe Biden

The Hillary Clinton campaign is in full meltdown mode, following what was essentially a tie in Iowa and a complete trouncing in New Hampshire (Bernie’s 60% to Hillary’s 38.3%).

Democrats in Hollywood share Hillary’s frustration, and are looking to jump ship- but not to Bernie. Instead they have a message for Vice President Joe Biden: It’s not too late to run!

According to Deadline.com:

EXCLUSIVE: Bernie Sanders’ overwhelming victory over Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary tonight has significant Hollywood Democrats feeling very shaky and advocating Joe Biden jump into the race for the White House. “He doesn’t have deep ties in town,” an industry power player said of the Vice President this evening, comparing him to both the ex-NY senator and the Vermont senator. “However, there are many many people who would jump on board in a nanosecond if he were to run.”

“I always thought it was a missed opportunity when Joe decided not to run, and now we’re stuck with unelectable vs. unlikable vs. Trump,” one Dem-donating studio exec told me after the polls closed in the Granite State. “A lot of people saw him as a possible spoiler last year; now they may see him as the savior.”

… The Veep has said several times since that he regrets not mounting another presidential run. Right now, 61% of the filing deadlines to get his name on primary state ballots and win delegates have passed for Biden. With another 20% coming by the end of the month, at this point any Biden POTUS effort would have to come out of a brokered Democratic convention – not impossible if Sanders and Clinton have a scorched-earth primary battle that exhausts them and the party for the general election against a GOP-led Donald Trump, sources claim.

Hollywood is not alone in the Draft Biden movement, either… other major Democratic donors have been holding out just in case the VP changes his mind.

Newser reports:

In what could be seen as a sign of desperation among some of the party’s major donors, many are once again raising the possibility of a run from Joe Biden, who announced four months ago he wouldn’t seek the Democratic nomination. “I would urge all of you to join me in ‘keeping our powder dry’ until we see if for the good of the party and the country, we should resurrect the Draft Biden movement,” Fox News quotes an email sent by prominent Democratic donor Bill Bartmann on Friday. “We cannot afford to lose the White House.” According to Reuters, Bartmann is worried about new polls that show Bernie Sanders, who he thinks is too liberal to win the presidency, nearly tied with Hillary Clinton.

The email received a number of positive responses from fellow big-money donors. “I am hoping that the stars line up right and that Joe becomes the nominee,” one potential donor tells Reuters. “My heart is with Joe.” Meanwhile, Colbert King at the Washington Post writes that “the manager in the White House dugout might consider telling the bullpen to start warming up Joe Biden” over the newest developments in the Clinton email scandal. While Biden said in January that he regrets not launching a presidential bid, there is no indication he’s actively reconsidering that decision.

Do you think there’s a chance Joe Biden steps in to save the day for the Democrats?

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