Can Marco Rubio Win Florida?

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Saying that Super Tuesday was a rough day for [score]Marco Rubio[/score] would be an understatement.

The Florida Senator won only 1 state (Minnesota), leaving him in a distant 3rd place for the GOP nomination behind Donald Trump and [score]Ted Cruz[/score]. He now has less than half the amount of delegates as Cruz, but he’s not giving up.

Rubio told Fox News after the results came in:

“Sixty-five percent of the people who voted yesterday across Super Tuesday did not vote for Donald Trump,” Rubio said. “He underperformed in virtually every state of the map.”

… “Let’s not forget that last night was supposed to be Ted Cruz’s big night. It was the night where he was going to sweep. The states were tailor made for the kind of campaign he was running. We beat him in Georgia. We beat him in half the states on the map.”

Florida offers 99 delegates, which could bring Rubio up to 205 total delegates (Cruz currently has 226). But what are the odds he can actually get that done?

According to Real Clear Politics polling averages, Donald Trump leads Marco Rubio by double the amount of support in Florida, 40.3% to 20.8%, respectively. It’s not looking good.