Deneen Borelli at CPAC “Political Correctness Kills”

At CPAC, Deneen delivered strong statements about the weakening of America from within with a special emphasis on political correctness during her presentation on a national security panel.

The Daily Signal reported on Deneen’s comments:

“Political correctness kills.”

That’s what Deneen Borelli, chief political correspondent for the Conservative Review, told hundreds of conservative activists during a panel discussion this morning at the annual CPAC conference just outside Washington, D.C.

Borelli, also a noted author, used the mass murder by two Islamist terrorists in San Bernardino, Calif., to drive her point home. The husband-and-wife team killed 14 and seriously injured 22 in the December shooting at Inland Regional Center.

Although a neighbor observed suspicious activities by the couple and visitors to their home, the neighbor was “afraid of being called a racist” and declined to speak out, Borelli told the audience at the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC.


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