Is the DNC Throwing Non-Hillary Supporters Out of Debate Audiences?

hillary and bernie clash

The DNC has made it clear from the beginning of the 2016 election cycle they are in the tank for Hillary Clinton.

First they restricted the Democratic primary debate schedule and aired the live broadcasts outside of prime time, minimizing Bernie Sanders’ chance to introduce himself and his campaign platform to the country. When Democratic Vice Chairwoman Tulsi Gabbard objected to the unfair debate rules, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz reportedly “barred” her from the first Democratic debate.

True to form, Schultz later reversed the strict debate cap to allow for last-minute prime time debates when Hillary Clinton started struggling in the polls. The timing of all this was strictly coincidental, I’m sure…..

Now they are punishing individuals in the crowd for simply voicing their support for Bernie Sanders.

The Daily Caller reports:

Jim Fouts, mayor of Warren, Mich., claims that the DNC threatened to remove him from Sunday’s Democratic debate in Flint because he was cheering for Sen. Bernie Sanders. “There is a great contrast between the Democratic Debate and the Republican,” Fouts posted on Facebook Monday. “The Democratic debate is totally controlled by Hillary’s good friend DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.”

“In the Republican Debate anything goes and the audience is free to speak, shout, boo and say whatever they want to. It’s almost pure democracy mixed in with a little anarchy,” he continued. “No commentary is allowed by the audience. Particularly if you are cheering Bernie Sanders. Persons who do not adhere to Hillary’s rules are threatened with expulsion.”

“That’s not very democratic. That borders on totalitarian control.”

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not advocating for more people to cheer for Bernie Sanders. But as I mentioned in previous posts, Democrats need to recognize the DNC for what it really is: a Super PAC for the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. They are constantly moving the goal posts and changing the rules to benefit the Clinton political machine, and they censor any Democratic political figure who stands in their way.

It’s frustrating when central planners try to control every little thing you say or do, isn’t it Mayor Fouts? Welcome to the conservative movement!