Leaked ISIS Documents Reveal the Personal Info of 22,000 Terrorists

ISIS handbook

A disillusioned radical Islamic terrorist has leaked a memory stick full of confidential documents from the Islamic State. Each document reveals the names and personal information of tens of thousands of terrorists, both previously known and unknown to the authorities.

According to Sky News

Tens of thousands of documents, containing names, addresses, telephone numbers and family contacts of Islamic State jihadis, have been obtained by Sky News. Nationals from at least 51 countries, including the UK, had to give up their most personal information as they joined the terror organisation. Only when the 23-question form was filled in were they inducted into IS.

…[T]he key breakthrough from the documents is the revealing of the identities of a number of previously unknown jihadis in the UK, across northern Europe, much of the Middle East and North Africa, as well as in the United States and Canada. Their whereabouts are crucial to breaking the organisation and preventing further terror attacks.

…Some of the telephone numbers on the list are still active and it is believed that although many will be family members, a significant number are used by the jihadis themselves.

This is a huge breakthrough. Authorities can use these documents to track down and eliminate the threat of future high-profile terror attacks in the United States and Europe.

Let’s go get ’em.