Seriously? Obama Grabs Lunch With Former Prisoners on the Taxpayer Dime

President Obama has only 51 seconds to address the radical Islamic terror attacks in Brussels. He has “a lot on his plate” of issues to deal with aside from defeating ISIS. He still hasn’t met with Kate Steinle’s parents. Sure, there are plenty of parents of wounded combat veterans who would love to hear from him.

But instead Obama takes a long lunch and a photo-op with a group of ex-prisoners?

You can’t make this stuff up.

The Hill reports:

President Obama ate lunch on Wednesday with seven former inmates who received commutations during his and the last two administrations. Obama took the group to Busboys and Poets, a popular eatery on Washington’s bustling 14th St. NW. Three people whose sentences were commuted by Obama were joined by two who were freed by former President George W. Bush and two by former President Bill Clinton.

…The lunch meeting came on the same day Obama commuted sentences for 61 federal prisoners convicted of drug offenses. Those prisoners have not yet been freed and did not eat with Obama.

The President only has so many hours in the day. This is not what he should be spending his time on.