What Do the EPA and Hillary Clinton Have in Common?

gina mccarthy

What do the EPA and Hillary Clinton have in common?

Both were caught red handed using private email addresses to conduct government business and talk to lobbyists.

According to the Daily Caller:

There is new evidence senior Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officials routinely use private email accounts to conduct government business, this time to pass along information from an energy lobbyist. Michael J. Bradley, president and founder of an energy consulting firm that represents numerous green advocacy groups, described his preference for using a private email to communicate with EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy regarding an agency regulation, according to documents obtained by the Energy & Environment Legal Institute (E&E Legal) through a Freedom of Information Act request.

…“This administration has a real problem understanding the rules when it comes to using private email accounts to conduct public business,” E&E Legal Executive Director Craig Richardson said in a statement late Tuesday. “Hillary Clinton has set the bar for flagrant use of private email to conduct official business ‘off-line,’ but EPA comes in at a close second.”

Richardson said Bradley’s expressed preference for using private email indicates doing so is a regular occurrence among senior EPA executives and special interests groups and their representatives.

Democrats claim to be the party of small businesses and the middle class, when in reality, they are a revolving door of special interests. Like Hillary Clinton, Gina McCarthy believes that she is above the law. And with spineless political leadership, who will prove to her differently?

November can’t come soon enough.