Which State Has the Most Illegal Immigrants?

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Not surprisingly, The People’s Republic of California has the most undocumented immigrants out of all 50 states: a whopping estimated 3,034,000.

California has numerous sanctuary cities, plus benefits programs for undocumented immigrants. As The Blaze points out, illegals even hold public office in California:

The City of Huntington Park attracted controversy when it was revealed that two members of city commissions were undocumented immigrants from Mexico.

An overwhelming majority of illegal immigrants in California hail from Mexico, though a couple hundred thousand migrated from Central America and Asia as well. Texas came in 2nd place with 1,464,000 undocumented immigrants. New York took home the bronze medal with 867,000 undocumented immigrants.

Without enforcement, our laws are just a bunch of empty words. The Obama Administration has set a standard of lawlessness and political correctness that hurts American families.

Obama’s top priority should be to protect our borders and the safety of American citizens. Instead, he’s sending a message that following the laws of the United States is secondary to preserving the feelings of the P.C. Police.

See the full list of the “Top 25” states with the most undocumented immigrants at The Blaze here.