Who Would Donald Trump Nominate to the Supreme Court?


A big point of debate among Republicans is whether or not Donald Trump would nominate a true conservative to the Supreme Court, if elected.

To ease concerns over the issue, the Trump campaign is promising to release a short list of preferred nominees.

According to Fox News

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump says he’s planning to release a list of judges that he would select from to fill Supreme Court vacancies if he’s elected president in an effort to ease concerns about his picks.

“I am going to give a list of either five or 10 judges that I will pick, 100 percent pick, that I will put in for nomination. Because some of the people that are against me say: ‘We don’t know if he’s going to pick the right judge. Supposing he picks a liberal judge or supposing he picks a pro-choice judge,'” Trump told a local gathering of Republicans in Palm Beach, Florida Sunday night. He says the list would include judges “that everybody respects, likes and totally admires” — “great conservative judges, great intellects, the people that you want.”

“I will guarantee that those are going to be the first judges that I put up for nomination if I win. And that should solve that problem,” he said. Trump aides did not immediately respond to questions about when he might release the names.

This announcement joins reports that Trump will meet with top GOP leadership today in Washington. It’s clear that the Trump campaign is making more of an effort to win over the support of the GOP establishment, and necessarily so. Republican leaders have already started crafting a “100-day campaign” to derail his candidacy, which includes a potential third party run.