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Check out the Embarrassing Results as North Korea Attempts Missile Launch

Kim Jong Un needs to work on his birthday party skills. Or, at least, birthday commemorations.

The dictator’s nation decided to launch a new intermediate-range ballistic missile capable of hitting Guam and the Philippines to celebrate the 104th birthday of the late North Korean founder and leader Kim Il Sung. But the birthday festivities didn’t go quite as planned.

As reported by Fox News,

In another embarrassing setback for the North Korean communist regime, a senior U.S. defense official told Fox News late Thursday that North Korea’s test of a new intermediate-range ballistic missile failed spectacularly.

“It blew up on launch,” the official said.

South Korea’s Defense Ministry also said it had failed.

Well now. That’s embarrassing.

The Musudan ballistic missile has a range of nearly 2,500 miles, but it has never been tested by North Korea.  Officials say this particular Musudan has been seen on a road launcher, which is a concern to the Pentagon because of its mobility and potential concealment in the future.

For the past few years, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has paid respects to his father and grandfather, founder of the communist country, at Kumsusan Place of the Sun on April 15.

Last month, despite claims by North Korea that it fired two ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan, two U.S. officials told Fox News that one blew up shortly after liftoff in an embarrassing new development for the North Korean military.

Mockery aside, it’s never a good thing when a communist regime acquires ballistic missiles. Fortunately – at least for now – the North Koreans haven’t quite figured out how to use them. The question is… how long until they do?

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