Guess Which Presidential Candidate is Meeting With The Pope Next Week?

bernie sanders

Democratic underdog candidate Bernie Sanders is scheduled to meet with Pope Francis next week. The topic? Spreading the wealth around.

TheBlaze reports:

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders — who called himself a “very, very big fan of the pope” on Friday morning — has announced that he will head to the Vatican next week for a meeting about social, economic and environmental issues. Sanders, who is Jewish, accepted an invitation from Vatican officials and will meet with Pope Francis on April 15 to discuss creating a “moral economy” that works for all citizens.

…“He has played an unbelievable role of injecting a moral consequence into the economy,” Sanders said of Pope Francis. “People think Bernie Sanders is radical. Read what the pope is writing.” He continued, “He’s talking about the idolatry of money the worship of money, the greed that’s out there.”

The Pope should stay out of politics, period. Otherwise, the only climate change he will influence is a hostile climate towards conservative Catholics.