Here’s What Young Bernie Supporters Want You to Pay For….


The O’Reilly Factor’s Jesse Watters recently interviewed a bunch of Millennial voters about Bernie Sanders and the role of government. Never disappointing, Watters came back with some pretty interesting answers to a simple question:  what should the government provide for free?

TheBlaze transcribed some of the interview answers:

“Health care,” the majority of the young people said. “Free college tuition,” one woman told Watters. “Treadmills, bicycles, stair-steppers,” the same woman added.

“Milk, eggs and bacon,” another woman said. “Maybe free self-defense classes,” said another person.

Another young woman took it a step further. “Free yoga or free mind, body and spiritual-kind of sports,” she told Watters.

“Should the government give everybody free dope?” Watters asked the same woman. “Yes,” she shot back. “Marijuana is a very spiritual drug that brings everybody more at peace with themselves.”

Not surprisingly, the kids have absolutely no clue how to pay for all this “free stuff.”

Progressives love to make promises now and sort out the details later…

You can watch the segment below: