Ted Cruz Destroys Prankster with This Signature Comment

Ted Cruz Signature

Ted Cruz on point!

Some punk thought he could outsmart Cruz, handing him a copy of “Communist Manifesto” for the Texas Senator to sign. Undoubtedly hoping Senator Cruz wouldn’t notice what he was signing so the prankster could turn it into a viral, “LOOK WHAT TED CRUZ JUST SIGNED!” outrage piece, Cruz turned the would-be prank on its heels.

As reported by The Blaze,

What started as a prank with a young man asking Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz to sign his “economic textbook” ended with a serious lesson from the Texas senator, once he realized it was the Communist Manifesto the prankster was holding.

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“You know what, I’ll sign it,” Cruz told the young man, who said the candidate has a “good sense of humor.”

Inside the front cover, Cruz wrote, “Millions have suffered because of this.”

Boom. Ted Cruz for the win!