The Buzz: The Left Silences Free Speech

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Last week’s news was filled with examples of progressive intolerance for free speech.

For the ultra-left, free speech is reserved for issues they believe in, not opposing ideas.

Individuals, corporations and organizations are all fair game and are subjected to the left’s intimidation tactics when they don’t conform to left-wing ideology.

Former President Bill Clinton got a dose of speech intimidation while stumping for wife Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia. Black Lives Matter protesters interrupted Bill’s speech criticizing his 1994 crime bill which they feel contributed to high incarceration rates of black Americans. Bill’s aggressive response to the protesters unleashed a significant backlash from the left.

On global warming, the Competitive Enterprise Institute got a subpoena from the Virgin Islands Attorney General demanding documents between ExxonMobil and the organization. A number of attorneys general are investigating ExxonMobil for misleading the public and investors on global warming.

On this episode of “The Buzz,” Deneen discusses the intimidation tactics of the Left and how nobody gets a pass from their fury including fellow Democrats.

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