Times Square Evacuated Due to Abandoned Truck

times square

America is on edge.

An abandoned box truck led to the complete evacuation of Times Square on Saturday night, effectively shutting down the most heavily populated area of New York City. In a busy season, the iconic neighborhood is reported to see around 460,000 people in a single day.

According to CBS New York

They evacuated the entire area, even bringing in barricades to keep people a safe distance away from a beat-up white box truck that was found abandoned on 46th Street near Broadway, right outside of two theaters and the Marriott Marquis hotel. It wasn’t running, but the keys were in the ignition. Inside the vehicle was a set of suspicious looking wires on the front seat and at least one gas can in the cab.

The American Eagle Outfitters store nearby and other businesses were locked down as a precaution. Even Broadway’s hottest musical “Hamilton” was affected by the scare. The audience at the Richard Rodgers Theater was rushed to the basement by police.

The driver turned out to be a 28-year old from Queens, and harmless. But the scare is an unfortunate reminder that Americans cannot feel safe when the White House won’t acknowledge the threat of radical Islamic terror, and will even goes as far as censoring the world leaders who do.

The stakes of the 2016 presidential election are higher than ever.