Who Deleted 54,000 Brooklyn Voters?

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Where did all the Brooklyn voters go?

That’s what officials are asking, after they discovered over 54,000 registered voters have disappeared from the rolls.

According to the New York Post:

The voter rolls on April 1 showed the borough had 853,687 registered Democrats who are considered “active” because they voted at least once in the last four years. But in November, there were 917,508, or 63,558 more. The board said the numbers changed because many once-active voters were moved to the inactive list. But that list grew by only 9,154 voters — from 82,807 to 91,961 — leaving 54,404 Brooklyn voters missing.

The Board of Elections has a lot of explaining to do.

Board of Elections Executive Director Michael Ryan said the mystery is easily explained — because of retirements and staff illness, the voting list was not properly maintained in Brooklyn for six to eight months. When staffers caught up with the backlog, he said, they purged voters who should have been removed earlier last year.

While this could be true, the timing is really suspect. It also raises the question, are these missing voters an isolated incident just in Bernie’s old hometown, or is this an epidemic throughout the entire state?

As of Tuesday morning, Donald Trump leads the GOP primary in New York by a long shot, 53.1% to John Kasich’s 22.8% and [score]Ted Cruz[/score] ‘s 18.1%.

Hillary Clinton holds a smaller lead over Bernie Sanders, 53.1% to 41.4%, respectively. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Democratic Party continues with its voter roll “house cleaning” to make sure it stays that way.