Can You Guess which Group Target Plans to Meet With Next?

Target stores

After Target stores announced their new transgender bathroom policy, the American Family Association led the way in a boycott. In less than two weeks, the AFA “Boycott Target Pledge” accumulated over one million signatures.

And it appears that the individuals who signed the pledge and holding true to their word. Since they changed their bathroom policy, Target’s stock has suffered a $3.5 billion drop in overall value. Additionally, a report from USA Today found that the percentage of people stating they would shop at Target has dropped from 42% to 38%.

Target appeared to be holding firm in its position, until just days ago. Fox News’ Todd Starnes is now reporting that the retailer is making plans to meet with the American Family Association:

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What do you think of Target’s bathroom policy? Have you decided to shop elsewhere since their decision? Let us know in the comments below!


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