Hillary Clinton Agrees With North Korea on This….

kim jong un

If Donald Trump becomes President, North Korea claims they will refuse to communicate with the United States. Because having labor camps and starving your own people are okay, but talking to Donald Trump is what really crosses the line?

What makes the story even more ridiculous, is that Hillary Clinton agrees with North Korea’s decision.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

The race to the general election has taken another odd turn now that Hillary Clinton Thursday publicly backed North Korea’s decision to not engage in discussion with Donald Trump should he become president.

… “Now, this is a little funny though,” she said. “He praised Kim Jong-un, and the North Korean ambassador to the UN came out yesterday and said they don’t want to talk to Donald Trump.”

She then backed the decision made by the regime. “I mean, I don’t attribute a lot of good sense to that regime but that’s probably the right decision,” she said.

You can watch Hillary’s comments below:

Hillary Clinton wants the power of the Oval Office so badly, it’s clear she would rather see the nation fail than succeed without her.