Mitt Romney is Boycotting the Republican National Convention

mitt romney

Without a doubt, Trump’s presumptive nomination has spurred a civil war in the Republican Party. In the months leading up to the GOP convention in Cleveland, we will continue to see what big names fall on what side.

If Mitt Romney wasn’t clear enough between his nationally televised speech in March and his tweets commending the Cruz campaign, he is not exactly a Trump fan. In fact, Romney will be sitting out the RNC this year in protest of Donald Trump.

According to the NY Daily News:

Romney, the Republican 2012 presidential nominee, won’t attend the party’s nominating summit in July in Cleveland, representatives for the former Massachusetts governor told The Washington Post, highlighting the deepening rift between party elders and the brash billionaire. In skipping the convention, Romney adds his name to a growing list of Republican luminaries who will sit out the 2016 race. Former GOP Presidents George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush said through a spokesperson Wednesday that they would not “participate or comment” on the race, while former GOP presidential nominee John McCain has also said he will not attend the convention.

Not everyone in the GOP establishment has been as vocal in opposition as Romney, who called Trump’s promises “as worthless as a degree from Trump University.”

RNC chair Reince Priebus already waved the white flag on Twitter, urging Republicans to unite behind The Donald:

Do you think other prominent Republicans will join Romney and sit the convention out? Let us know in the comments!