The Buzz: Obama and Clinton Lie To Push Progressive Policies

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Breaking news over the weekend revealed the White House orchestrated the Iranian nuclear deal by lying and manipulating the media.

The White House propaganda machine was run by Ben Rhodes, deputy national security adviser for strategic communication for President Obama.

To get public approval for the Iranian deal, the White House generated a sense of urgency based on the unique opportunity to work with new so-called moderate Iranian leadership that was elected in 2013. In reality, Obama was already working with Iran before 2013 and the new leadership spin was a lie to generate public and political support for the deal.

The Iranian deal is the latest example illustrating the way progressives lie to promote progressive policies that otherwise would fail in the public square.

Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi talking points as well as her latest controversy about coal miners exposes the way progressives lie to push and defend their radical progressive agenda.

In this edition of “The Buzz,” Deneen discusses the White House propaganda machine and describes the progressive lies surrounding ObamaCare, Benghazi and coal miners.

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