The Buzz: Target Gets Targeted for its LGBT Policy

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The big box retailer Target is feeling the backlash from a conservative group because of the company’s adoption of a policy that allows costumers to use the bathroom or dressing room of their choice.

Fearing Target’s policy will put young girls and women at risk, the American Family Association initiated a petition to boycott the company. In only a short period of time, the petition has garnered over 500,000 signatures.

Target’s support of the left-wing agenda is a reaction to a 2010 boycott threat by the LGBT community that was upset the company gave a political contribution to a political organization that supported a Republican candidate for governor of Minnesota.

In an effort to appease the LGBT community, Target has totally reversed course and gone all-in to support the social agenda of this special interest group.

Target’s decision to aggressively support a controversial social issue has put its shareholders at risk.

In this episode of “The Buzz,” Deneen describes Target as a text book example of how left-wing groups use intimidation as a means to hijack a company to advance their cause while putting shareholders at risk.

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