This Man Was Paid $3500 to Protest Donald Trump

We finally have proof that progressive front groups are giving actors money to protest Donald Trump. Democrat strategists realize that after 8 years of a disappointing Obama White House, the Party needs to get their voters angry enough to ignore all the progressive policy failures and vote for yet another Democrat. And that’s exactly what they’re doing.

ABC News reports:

Today a man from Trump’s rally last week in Fountain Hills, Arizona has come forward to say that he was paid to protest the event. “I was given $3,500 to protest Donald Trump’s rally in Fountain Hills,” said 37-year-old Paul Horner. “I answered a Craigslist ad a little over a week ago about a group needing actors for a political event. I interviewed with them and got the part.”

Trump supporters have been claiming for weeks that the protesters are being paid for by Bernie Sanders’ campaign, but Horner disagrees.

“As for who these people were affiliated with that interviewed me, my guess would be Hillary Clinton’s campaign,” Horner said. “The actual check I received after I was done with the job was from a group called ‘Women Are The Future’. After I was hired, they told me if anyone asked any questions about who I was with or communicated with me in any way, I should start talking about how great Bernie Sanders is.”

Sounds like a Hillary Clinton strategy to me: attack Donald Trump and then frame Bernie Sanders. Horner also shared an observation that is sure to crack up all the Millennials in the room:

 “It was mostly women in their 60’s at the interview that I went to. Plus, all the people that I communicated with had an AOL email address. No one still has an AOL email address except people that would vote for Hillary Clinton.”

This report is confirmation that desperate Democrats are manufacturing outrage and planting protesters in an attempt to instigate violence at Donald Trump rallies.

Republicans need to rise above rather than take the bait.