You Will Never Believe What Rapper Endorsed Trump

azealia banks

Singer Azealia Banks is famous for saying controversial things on Twitter, and she never disappoints. This time around Twitter is imploding after the black female rapper endorsed Donald Trump for president.

According to The Hollywood Reporter:

On Saturday afternoon, singer Azealia Banks expressed her support for the GOP candidate in a spree of tweets, kicking off the conversation with, “I REALLY want Donald Trump to win the election.” She told her Twitter followers that her predictions about the presidential race were true: “I told you guys Bernie Sanders didn’t have the clout. i told you all he wasn’t going to be the nominee.”

In her series of tweets, Banks defended Trump and his outspoken opinions. “Trump is an asshole but he’s not been groomed and programmed on some mkultra tip to DO & SAY what the establishment wants him to,” she began and added, “Trump just wants the U.S to be lavish … for all of us. I can f— with that.”

She continued to post a very long Twitter rant about the election, but here are some of the highlights:

Azealia Banks is far from a political thought leader, but she does stumble upon some legitimate points.

  1. Black Americans (especially in low income urban communities) are sick of broken Democrat promises.
  2. Not all progressives are happy about the militant P.C. culture we are living in.
  3. Hillary’s desperate identity politics are really condescending to minority voters.
  4. “Social justice warriors” need to stop bullying people for voicing an opinion different than their own.

Now, let the Twitter feuds begin…..