You Will Not Believe What This Candidate Accidentally Posted on Social Media

mike webb tabs

Virginia Republican candidate for Congress Mike Webb attempted to post a “gotcha” moment shaming his competitor on social media. It turns out, the joke was on him.

Webb posted a screenshot to Facebook in an attempt to prove the rival campaign was prank calling him, but here’s the punchline: the open tabs on his internet browser were from various internet pornography sites.

The Hill reports:

The post published to the Mike Webb for Congress Facebook page included a screen grab with pages “LAYLA RIVERA TIGHT BOOTY” and “IVONE SEXY AMATEUR.”

Videos with the same titles are featured on X-rated websites. The post has yet to be removed from the candidate’s Facebook page, though he had been alerted to the gaffe hours before.

The candidate released a statement on Facebook, quoting scripture and making light of the incident:

mike webb

Ironically, he had a TON of tabs open in the screenshot used for the statement.