California Wants to Enroll 400,000 Illegal Immigrants into Obamacare

California progressives found a loophole in ObamaCare that could allow them to cover almost 400,000 illegal immigrants on the taxpayer dime.

Fox News reports:

The Affordable Care Act technically bars illegal immigrants from the insurance exchanges. But the California bill, which last week passed the state legislature and was sent to Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk, would allow the state to apply for a federal waiver to open its exchange — Covered California — to undocumented residents.

There’s no guarantee that will happen. Brown first would have to sign the bill and the Obama administration then would have to green-light the waiver. Even if that is granted, it wouldn’t necessarily give illegal immigrants access to insurance subsidies. Critics, though, say it’s a slippery slope and yet another example of how the federal government has hoodwinked Americans into getting behind the Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare.

…However, a provision in the law called the “innovation waiver” allows states like California to change portions of the law as long as the state makes coverage available to more people and as long as the federal government doesn’t get stuck footing the bill. The bill’s sponsor, Sen. Ricardo Lara, a Democrat, says if Brown signs the bill, 390,000 illegal immigrants would be eligible to receive health insurance.

The Obama Administration doesn’t care about the law, because they believe the progressive agenda is above the law. Not only are California’s sanctuary cities violating federal immigration laws, but their attempt to bankroll illegal immigrant entitlement programs is a smack in the face to all law-abiding taxpayers.