Howard Stern Defends Gun Rights on the Air

howard stern

We already knew that Howard Stern was a big fan of the First Amendment, but it turns out he’s a pretty big fan of the Second Amendment too. The outspoken radio host gave a fiery defense of gun rights on his radio show this week following the Orlando terror attack.

Fox News reports:

“I’m so upset about Orlando and what went down,” Stern said on his show Wednesday. “But I can’t believe these people would come out afterward and their answer to Orlando is to take away guns from the public. It’s f—-ing mind-blowing to me.”

Stern then went on to make an analogy comparing the public to sheep, the terrorists to wolves and the military and police to sheepdogs. “Now, let’s say I walked up literally to a sheep herd, and they know that every night the wolves pick off a couple of them,” Stern said. “What if I went up to the sheep and I said, ‘You wanna have a shot at the wolves? I’m gonna give you a pistol. You can actually even the playing field with these wolves whose fangs are out — you could shoot them and save your family.'”

…”The wolves are always plotting. They’ll use boxcutters. They’ll use an airplane to fly it right into a building. They don’t need AR-15s.”

Howard Stern is absolutely right. You shouldn’t have to take away the individual rights of others to make a political point. Citizens have a right to protect themselves and their families, and that includes the right to own a gun.