San Francisco Wants Illegal Aliens to Vote

san francisco

San Francisco wants to grant individuals who have not pledged citizenship to the United States, and who are living in the country illegally, the right to vote. Democrats really will do anything for a vote.

According to the Washington Free Beacon:

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is hoping that residents of the city who fear Donald Trump’s rhetoric and policy proposals will flock to the polls this November and support giving voting rights to illegal immigrants.

Eric Mar, a supervisor in the city, put forth a proposed charter amendment on Tuesday that would allow illegal immigrants who have kids that are 18 years or younger in the public school system the right to vote in local school board elections, Fox News reports.

Mar said he thinks that Donald Trump being on the ballot this November will drive Latinos who are “disgusted” by his politics to the polls on Election Day.

This is the 3rd time that San Francisco has tried to give voting rights to illegal immigrants.

The idea of letting illegal aliens vote is absolutely absurd. We are a nation of laws. People who can’t even bother to follow the laws of the United States should not be given the privilege of voting to shape them.