Socialism At Work: Venezuelans Waiting Hours for Groceries While the Government Blocks Aid


Citizens of Venezuela are suffering the tragic consequences of socialist policy, waiting hours in lines just for basic groceries- which the government rationed to prevent people from stocking up. Even after hours of waiting in the heat, there is no guarantee there will be anything left for them at the front of the line.

According to the LA Times:

“Lines, lines, lines,” lamented Anjelica Aguilera, 29, who waited for her pail to fill from the dripping pipe. She was among a dozen or so waiting. “We are all sick of lines!”

Venezuela’s financial crisis has transformed this sprawling capital into a city of lines, where multitudes face the regular indignity of queuing up for basics — from pasta to toilet paper, rice to bank notes. The lengthy, dehumanizing lines — a fact of life throughout the country — represent the most dramatic illustration of the human toll of Venezuela’s unforgiving economic breakdown.

…With the country’s largest-denomination note, the 100-bolivar bill, now worth about 10 U.S. cents on the free market, many Venezuelans must make daily trips to the bank just to have some carrying cash. The predictable result: prolonged lines at ATMs.

… The shortages have eroded support for the socialist government of President Nicolas Maduro, whose party lost control of the national legislature in December elections.

Socialism kills. Even as Venezuelans are suffering and starving, the government blocks humanitarian aid. Meanwhile, where are all the bleeding heart progressives while a nation collapses under the weight of its own government? You could hear a pin drop.

At no point in history has a nation ever thrived under a socialist government. Yet progressives continue to champion its principles and turn a blind eye to the collateral damage that results.

Oh, and in other news, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro wants Bernie Sanders to win the U.S presidential election:

Don’t let it happen here. Choose wisely at the ballot box this November.