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WATCH: Hillary’s Foreign Policy Speech That’s All About… Donald Trump?!

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For someone who was both First Lady and Secretary of State, you’d think she’d have a lot to say about foreign policy. And at the very least, you’d expect the mainstream media would play soundbites of her main points in how she would deal with specific nations, dictators, ISIS and the like… right?

Wrong. In her speech to lay out her foreign policy last Thursday, Hillary’s address had the predominant theme of one man.

Donald Trump.

She mentioned Donald Trump 62 times in her “foreign policy” speech. 62 times!

Not Iran. Not Russia. Not Israel. Not terrorism. Not immigration.

Donald Trump was the seemingly sole focus of her bizarre speech. But don’t take our word for it, take a look at the highlight reel:

It appears Donald Trump has some new real estate. Rent-free living in Hillary Clinton’s head.

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