Pay to Play: DNC Promised Federal Appointments to Donors

debbie wasserman schultz

When Democrats are in power, anyone can buy their way into a position on a federal board or commission. If you scratch their back, they will scratch yours.

According to The Daily Caller:

Democratic National Committee documents recently released by WikiLeaks include spreadsheets and emails that appear to show party officials planning which donors and prominent fundraisers to provide with appointments to federal boards and commissions. The documents, which were circulated among top DNC officials in April, could raise legal questions for the party, says Ken Boehm, the chairman of the National Legal and Policy Center, a government watchdog group.

“The disclosed DNC emails sure look like the potential Clinton Administration has intertwined the appointments to federal government boards and commissions with the political and fund raising operations of the Democratic Party,” Boehm told The Daily Caller.

… The donor spreadsheet is included in an email chain in which Jordan Kaplan, DNC’s national finance director, asks other officials to provide names of donors they want to propose for federal commissions. “Last call for boards and commissions,” Kaplan wrote on April 20.

This kind of pay-to-play behavior is not unique to Hillary Clinton. The master of Chicago-style politics, Barack Obama, did it too:

President Obama has been criticized for appointing dozens of top fundraisers — called “bundlers” in the political fundraising realm — to ambassadorships and other cushy federal positions.

Here is a screen shot of the leaked document. Notice the “USPS” in the notes column… that’s the smoking gun. David Shapira was promised a spot on the USPS board of governors last year before Republicans blocked it. Looks like he is getting a second shot at the position:

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 5.36.16 PM

Racism, conspiracy, and now corruption. That is the Democratic Party platform in 2016.