See Why RNC Attendees Were Chanting: “Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up!”

chris christie

Attendees at the Republican National Convention want Hillary Clinton behind bars, and they want her to know it.

According to The Huffington Post:

The crowd at the 2016 Republican National Convention on Tuesday repeatedly chanted “lock her up” at the mention of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s name.

As New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie spoke on the second night of the convention, he ticked off criticisms of Clinton, asking the crowd of she was “guilty or not guilty.” After a hearty shout of “guilty,” the crowd dissolved into shouts of “Lock her up, lock her up!”

Governor Christie gave a scathing indictment of Hillary Clinton’s long record of failed performance as Secretary of State and outright lies to the American people.

You can watch his full speech below:

True to form, the Clinton campaign had a response ready to counter the speech. Notice it doesn’t actually deny any of the accusations…..

Nice one. But I still vote her “guilty.”