Shots Fired at DC Police Officers, 5 People Arrested

capitol building

Five individuals in an SUV (2 men, 3 women) fired gunshots at police officers in southeast Washington, DC. Thankfully, nobody was killed or injured, and the shooters were taken into police custody.

Fox 5 News reports:

Authorities are investigating a police involved shooting that happened overnight in southeast D.C. Officers say they responded to reports of gunfire shortly after midnight Tuesday morning on the 3200 block of 6th Street near Martin Luther King Elementary School.

When they arrived, investigators say five subjects in an SUV fired shots at officers. Officers returned fire and the subjects barricaded themselves in the vehicle. After about 30 minutes, police say they were able to talk the subjects out of the vehicle. Two men and three women were taken into custody.

According to police reports, the police were responding to sounds of gunshots in the area. It does not appear to be an attack on police officers, but rather a botched getaway effort from some other crime.

Gunshots heard in the inner city is not a new phenomenon. But following the recent string of targeted attacks on police, the nation is on edge.