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While the Left Campaigns for Tightening Gun Laws, Sales of Firearms Skyrocket

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

That’s the Second Amendment. Love it or hate it, it’s woven into the core of who we are as a people.

But yet again, in the wake of another mass shooting, leftists and liberals point at guns as evil and shake their fists at the Second Amendment while ignoring all other evidence and implications of wrong or cause for wrongdoing. Why?

Because it’s easy to blame a gun. It’s easy to say that if we rid ourselves of firearms the world would be a safer place.

It’s hard to say that humanity has a problem. It’s hard to say that it’s always a PERSON or persons who commit these atrocities. Because if the problem is people – not guns – suddenly we face a very delicate situation where someone’s feelings will undoubtedly get hurt.

And horrors – we don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings! Because tolerance. Or something.

But despite the renewed outcry for stricter gun laws and the sweeping aside of our actual problems, the American people are exercising their Second Amendment rights in greater numbers than ever before.

As reported by The Guardian,

Smith & Wesson stock opened near an all-time high on Friday after five police officers were killed and seven were injured in a shooting in Dallas. The gunmaker’s stock opened at $29.75 a share.

Earlier this year, the stock hit a record high on 18 March, trading at $30.44 a share. That day it closed at an all-time high of $29.37.

Stocks for Smith & Wesson rose about 3% on Friday while stocks for fellow firearm manufacturer Sturm Ruger went up by 5%. The shares surged in anticipation of higher gun sales due to fears of stricter gun control policies following the worst mass shooting of police in US history.

Last month, Smith & Wesson announced that its annual profits reached $293.8m, a 50% increase on last year’s figures. The increase was attributed to surging gun sales following a wave of mass killings. Over the past 12 months, firearms accounted for $657.6m of company’s sales. Overall sales reached $722.9m – an increase of 31% from the year before, the company announced.

Smith & Wesson’s sales have risen more than 200% since Barack Obama was elected president. In the year to date, shares of Smith & Wesson have surged 32% and those of Sturm Ruger 13%.

200% increase in gun sales since Obama’s election? Seems that Second Amendment bashing might not be working out quite as the left intended…

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