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Abedin’s Journal Claimed Clinton Bombed Sadaam Hussein… to Distract from Lewinsky

In a bombshell revelation, we’ve now learned the Muslim Journal where Huma Abedin was assistant editor claimed then President Bill Clinton bombed Sadaam Hussein not in the interests of national security… but to distract from his brewing scandal with Monica Lewinsky. Abedin was a White House intern at roughly the same time as Lewinsky, and now serves as Hillary Clinton’s closest aid… and yes, she’s married to Anthony Weiner… and once said that Hillary is “often confused” and needs assistance when dealing with foreign leaders. THAT Huma Abedin.

The Daily Mail first reported on this story,

An article in the Muslim journal where Huma Abedin was assistant editor claimed Bill Clinton bombed Saddam Hussein to deflect from his Monica Lewinsky affair.

The claim made made in an article published in the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, where Abedin was a member of the editorial board – the group of people who decide what is published in the academic journal.

The article was written by Sina Ali Muscati who was the time described as a ‘second year law student’ at the University of Ottawa. His academic credentials were not declared.

Muscati wrote about the 1991 conflict and its aftermath, which saw Saddam Hussein remain in power throughout the 1990s, despite being bombed twice – in 1996 and in December 1998.

‘The crisis with Iraq has also probably benefited Clinton, serving as a good deterrent of attention from personal crises, such as his campaign funding scandals, legislative failures, or the Monica Lewinsky affair,’ he said.

‘By occasionally bombing Iraq in the name of humanity, at least, he has been able to look strong and presidential.’

Clinton’s bombing of Iraq in December 1998 was widely mocked as ‘Monica’s war’.

He ordered four days of strikes by bombers and cruise missiles at the height of his impeachment trial, brought in the wake of his admission that he had had a ‘not appropriate’ relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

The strikes – known as Operation Desert Fox- were ordered the day after the House of Representatives issued a report accusing the president of ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ and ended on the day the articles of impeachment were passed.

Previous strikes in 1996, Operation Desert Strike, were ordered during a campaign finance scandal.

What do you think? Is this just another case of crazy conspiracy theory… or should we rethink how close Huma Abedin is potentially getting to the Presidency?

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