Donald Trump releases first EPIC Campaign Ad

Trump campaign ad

Lots of folks have been complaining about the number of Hillary ads on their TVs lately (too many!) in comparison with the number of Trump ads (exactly zero).

Until now.

Donald Trump’s campaign officially released their first general election campaign ad yesterday… and it was worth the wait. Check this out:

Zero accomplishments. Sell-out to foreign governments. Liar. Rigged primary process. Yup, that’s Hillary, alright.

The ad is currently airing in Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Florida. It’s title of “Two Americas: Immigration” leads up to hope this is simply the beginning of a “Two Americas” campaign ad theme with many similar spots to follow.

What do you think of the ad? Is if effective? Or is Hillary too big to fail… even in the 2016 election? Let us know in the comments below!