ISIS Kidnaps Children, Forces Them to Wear Suicide Bombs

ISIS school

As if radical Islamic terrorism was not evil and disturbing enough already……ISIS has a new face of terror, and it’s shockingly young.

Fox News reports:

Dramatic photos Monday showed police in Iraq arresting a boy and uncovering an explosive belt around his waist, as the child reportedly claimed terrorists kidnapped him and forced him to blow himself up. The arrest took place two days after investigators said a bomber between 12 and 14 years of age detonated explosives at a wedding party in southeastern Turkey, killing at least 51 people on behalf of the Islamic State terror group.

ISIS claimed responsibility for a separate blast Monday at a Shiite mosque in Kirkuk, Iraq, but made no mention of the child. Still, the group controls an army of child soldiers, which it calls “cubs of the caliphate,” and seeks to re-educate children at ISIS-run schools, drugging some of them and indoctrinating them with the group’s own radical version of Islam, according to analysts.

Local footage aired on Kurdistan 24 TV showed a group of police officers in Kirkuk holding the young boy while two men cut off a belt of explosives. After they removed the belt, officers rushed the boy into a police truck and drove away. The child’s exact age was unclear.

While Islamic terrorists are blowing children up to kill innocent civilians, progressive Democrats are more concerned with policing free speech on college campuses and blaming wildfires on global warming than stopping the ISIS-led assault on freedom.

Now more than ever, we need to bring common sense back to Washington.