Milwaukee Protesters Targeting Whites, Calling to Burn the Suburbs Down

kimberly neal

Milwaukee demonstrators are not protesting police brutality. They are targeting white people and calling to burn the suburbs to the ground.

(Reader beware: strong language and aggression in these videos and media reports)

TheBlaze reports:

Videos purportedly recorded during racially charged riots in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, over the weekend appear to show rioters targeting “white” people for beatings. “Hey, they beating up every white person!” one rioter can be heard screaming.

The rioters can also be heard yelling, “Yeah, they white, get their ass,” and, “He white, beat his head, bitch!”

Even Kimberly Neal, sister of the armed man fatally shot while running from police, joined in the calls to target white suburbs:

“Burning down s**t ain’t gonna help nothin’!” she yelled, referring to the rioting that ended with six businesses being burned down and the summoning of the National Guard. “You’re burning down s**t we need in our community. Take that s**t to the suburbs! Burn that s**t down!”

The violence needs to stop. These aren’t protests, they are riots.