Obama Will Admit 10,000 Syrian Refugees into U.S. by September

While refugee violence is spiking in Europe, President Obama continues to admit thousands of Syrian refugees into the United States.

According to the Associated Press:

After a slow start, it appears increasingly likely that the Obama administration will hit its goal of admitting 10,000 Syrian refugees into the United States before the end of September. State Department totals show that 2,340 Syrian refugees arrived last month in the United States.

That’s more than what occurred during the entire seven months after President Barack Obama directed his team to prepare for 10,000 admissions from the war-torn country. Total admissions for the current budget year now come to about 7,900, and the vast majority of them are Sunni Muslims, records show.

If the pace from June and July continues this month, the target should be reached with a couple weeks to spare before Obama heads to the United Nations to urge world leaders to admit more refugees and to increase funding for relief organizations.

Not only does President Obama have the poor judgement to let thousands of potentially violent refugees into the country, he has the arrogance to call on other nations to do the same. Europe has seen enough refugee violence. Frankly, we should not be taking a page from their loose border playbook.

Whatever happened to putting the safety of Americans first?