Washington DC Metro Police Officer Arrested for Helping ISIS

capitol building

The threat of radical Islamic terror has arrived at our nation’s capital, and apparently they are wearing police uniforms.

The FBI arrested a Washington, DC Metro Transit police officer for attempting to help ISIS.

Fox News reports:

A Washington, D.C., Metro Transit police officer who was a convert to Islam and once dressed up as Jihadi John for Halloween was charged on Wednesday with trying to provide material support to ISIS — the first time a law enforcement officer has been charged with an ISIS-related crime.

Virginia resident Nicholas Young, 36, who has served with the department since 2003, was arrested Wednesday morning by FBI agents.

Authorities allege in a criminal complaint unsealed Wednesday that Young attempted to send money to ISIS through a mobile-based gift card using an unnamed messaging service the terror group utilizes for recruiting purposes. The transaction, which was redeemed by the FBI for $245, was made in July 2016.

What’s more unsettling is that Young was already on the FBI’s radar for suspicious activity, likely related to terrorist sympathies. So why the heck was he still working for the DC Metro Police in the first place?

Court document show federal investigators also questioned Young about trips he had taken to Libya in 2011. Young told FBI agents during an interview that he traveled twice to the North African nation to assist rebels attempting to overthrow the regime of then-dictator Muammar Qaddafi. A baggage search by Customs and Border Protection on one of Young’s outbound trips revealed he had traveled with body armor, a Kevlar helmet, and “several other military-style items,” according to the criminal complaint.

Young is also alleged to have been in possession of a large cache of firearms, including numerous rifles and handguns at his home.

All armed and uniformed city officials should be held to a zero tolerance policy when it comes to suspicions of terror ties. This man should have been fired a long time ago.