The Chelsea Bomber Wants a Lawyer

nyc bomber

Only in America….

The Chelsea bomber didn’t believe in due process for the countless New Yorkers, New Jerseyans, and tourists he tried to kill. But he sure does believe in it for himself!

The Daily News reports:

Accused terror bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami, grilled by investigators for two days, wants to see a lawyer and a judge as soon as possible. The head of the Federal Defenders of New York, in a letter filed Tuesday in Manhattan Federal Court, claimed Rahami was incarcerated in New Jersey “for over 36 hours without benefit of counsel.”

Rahami, 28, was “receiving treatment for gunshots wound at a hospital in Newark, New Jersey,” wrote Federal Defenders executive director David E. Patton. “He has been held and questioned by federal law enforcement agents since his arrest.”

… If convicted, the terror suspect faces life in prison. He is currently held on $5.2 million bail stemming from a Monday gunfight with New Jersey cops before his arrest. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, speaking Wednesday at an International Bar Association conference, said Rahami’s transfer to New York for a court appearance would happen in the “near future.”

That is the beauty of America, the land of the free. Even when you try to commit an act of terror, you’re given the best medical treatment in the world and declared innocent until proven guilty.

This terrorist doesn’t deserve to reap the benefits of a free society, but he will anyway.