Remember The Mizzou Professor? She Has a New Job at This University…

mizzou professor

Remember Melissa Click? She was the professor who called for some “extra muscle” to intimidate student reporters covering the Mizzou protests in November 2015:

Or maybe you know her from cursing out police officers in this video from a month before:

Professor Click was fired (finally!) when the university faced threats of government de-funding, but it looks like she found a new home at Gonzaga University.

Fox News reports:

Former University of Missouri professor Melissa Click has landed a new job nearly 1,600 miles away in Spokane, Wash, according to Gonzaga University’s website. Click is listed on the faculty page of the university’s website as a lecturer.

…Elisabeth Mermann-Jozwiak, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Gonzaga, told the Kansas City Star in a written statement that Gonzaga officials knew of Click’s recent history and were confident in welcoming her to the university. The Kansas City Star first reported the hiring.

Click was hired for a one-year, non-tenure track position as a lecturer in the university’s communication studies department, Mermann-Jowiak told the newspaper.

Melissa Click is in no way fit to be a teacher. If she wants to be an activist, she should go be an activist. But the immature and aggressive behavior in both the videos above is definitely not teaching.

In hiring Click, Gonzaga University is sending a clear message to students that it’s okay to physically intimidate others and shout down dissent, so long as you are advancing the progressive agenda.