“Bill Clinton Inc.” Arrangement Funneled Millions to Bill and Hillary

Bill Clinton

Cronyism is alive and well in the Clinton Foundation, although that’s nothing new. The Clinton’s have never pursued an issue of public interest without lining their own pockets in the process.

The New York Post reports:

Two Bill Clinton cronies used their private consulting firm to steer millions in business to the former president while raising funds for the Clinton Foundation — and even called the arrangement “Bill Clinton Inc.” Doug Band, a top Clinton aide, detailed the complex financial arrangement between his company, Teneo, and the foundation in a memo contained in hacked e-mails released Wednesday by WikiLeaks.

“Teneo partners have raised in excess of $8 million for the foundation, more than $5.25 million of which is in the bank,” the memo reads. “Teneo partners also have generated over $3 million in paid speeches for President Clinton, $1.25 million of which has been paid to him thus far.”

The consulting company was formed by Band and former State Department envoy Declan Kelly. The memo about its activities shows the incestuous relationship between the foundation and the private business interests of the former president.

The Democrats are willing to turn a blind eye towards the revolving door of corruption and special interests surrounding the Clinton’s because they are so desperate to beat Donald Trump. But the reality is, the public-private conflicts of interest would only get worse under a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Voters have to wake up and keep “Bill Clinton Inc.” out of the Oval Office.