Emails Reveal: Clinton Pursued State Dept, Pentagon Contracts for Chelsea’s Friend


Hillary Clinton’s emails are a treasure trove of ethics violations, conflicts of interest, and pay-to-play schemes.

During Hillary’s tenure as Secretary of State, the White House was open for business for friends of the Clinton political machine.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sought to arrange Pentagon and State Department consulting contracts for her daughter’s friend, prompting concerns of federal ethics rules violations.

Clinton in 2009 arranged meetings between Jacqueline Newmyer Deal, a friend of Chelsea Clinton and head of the defense consulting group Long Term Strategy Group, with Pentagon officials that involved contracting discussions, according to emails from Clinton’s private server made public recently by the State Department. Clinton also tried to help Deal win a contract for consulting work with the State Department’s director of policy planning, according to the emails.

Deal is a close friend of Chelsea Clinton, who is vice chair of the Clinton Foundation. Emails between the two were included among the thousands recovered from a private email server used by the secretary of state between 2009 and 2013. Chelsea Clinton has described Deal as her best friend. Both Clintons attended Deal’s 2011 wedding.

This is just a preview of the corruption to come if Hillary Clinton is elected president.

If you think the special deals that crossed her desk as Secretary of State were bad, just wait until she’s sitting in the Oval Office. It will be cronyism on steroids.