Hilarious! Watch Joe Biden’s Response to Learning of Anothony Weiner’s Connection to Hillary Email Scandal

Joe Biden

Looking for a good laugh this election season? Look no further!

Vice President Joe Biden appeared on CNN with Michael Smerconish, who asked him about Hillary’s emails and what should happen now. Biden gives some non-answers about the FBI and their investigation, then comments that he doesn’t know where the latest emails came from. That’s when Mr. Smerconis interjects, “Apparently, Anthony Weiner.”

Biden’s reaction? Priceless! Watch below:

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“Oh, God. Anthony Weiner. Uhhm. I should not comment on Anthony Weiner. I’m not a big fan, and I wasn’t before he got in trouble. So, I shouldn’t comment on Anthony Weiner.”

While Hillary’s out talking about having a national dance party to unite the country after the election, it seems our current VP has already found something we can all agree on. Anthony Weiner is a disgusting pervert, no one likes him, and he needs to go away for a very long time. Like possibly, to jail?

Couldn’t have said it any better ourselves, Mr. Vice President.