John Kerry Used As Much CO2 in a Week as the Average American in 1 Year

John Kerry

Secretary of State John Kerry embarked on a globe-trotting adventure to discuss climate change with the international community. Ironically, his trip will expend as much CO2 in 8 days as the average American will in an entire year. 

CNS News reports:

Secretary of State John Kerry winged his way Monday from New Zealand to the Middle East on the next leg of what may be his longest trip yet, a journey during which America’s top diplomat will account for roughly 16.5 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

That’s more or less the amount of CO2 – one of the key “greenhouse gases” blamed for global warming – produced by the average American in a full year, according to World Bank data.

Climate change features prominently on Kerry’s itinerary on his current trip, an eight-day haul from Washington to New Zealand to Antarctica – where he became the highest-ranking U.S. official to visit – and on to two Arab Gulf states and then Morocco before winging to Peru and then back home.

Clearly, Secretary Kerry is not leading the climate change crusade by example.

Kerry has now visited more than 90 countries on seven continents. Last December he broke former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s record of 956,733 travel miles during her Jan. 2009-Jan. 2013 tenure. As of the end of October – the latest figures provided by the State Department – Kerry had traveled 1,327, 715 miles, or almost 53 and a half times around the Earth.

America rejected the “do as I say, not as I do” policies of the Obama administration on Election Day.

However, we should expect one last push from the Democrats to advance as much progressive policy as possible before President-elect Trump takes office. The last months of the Obama presidency are going to be far from a lame duck session.