Kid Wears a Lame Duck Halloween Costume to the White House

halloween lame duck

During the annual Halloween event on the White House lawn, one kid showed up to trick-or-treat in a lame duck costume.

According to TheBlaze:

Despite the presidential election growing increasingly tense, President Barack Obama has not lost his sense of humor.

Obama was spotted in the White House Rose Garden on Monday posing for a photo op with a child dressed as a lame duck, a title the current president will inherit next week, after the 2016 presidential election ends and a new commander in chief is chosen.

The child was dressed as a duck wrapped with bandages, and was able to take advantage of the photo opportunity during the annual Halloween trick-or-treat event held on the White House South Lawn.

This little kid managed to play a trick and get a treat from the President of the United States. Well played, little kid.

Well played, indeed.