Did Chris Christie Reject Offers for Trump Cabinet Posts?

chris christie

It’s been widely suspected that NJ Governor Chris Christie was used for political support by the Donald Trump campaign, then tossed aside by the Trump transition team.

However, the latest reports indicate it may be the other way around.

According to TheBlaze:

New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie will likely not serve in Donald Trump’s administration, but that’s not for a lack of effort from the president-elect. According to NJ Advance Media, Christie, who could often be found by Trump’s side on the campaign trail, was offered numerous positions in the imminent Trump White House, but turned them all down. The Republican governor was reportedly interested in the attorney general post, but that job was given to fellow Trump ally Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.).

Christie was offered several Cabinet-level posts, including secretary of homeland security, secretary of veterans affairs and ambassador to Italy, as well as a White House advisory role, but he reportedly didn’t feel any of those jobs were the right fit. This comes after several sources confirmed Christie will not be heading up the Republican National Committee, a post the New Jersey governor shortly lobbied for. It will soon to be vacated by Trump’s incoming chief of staff, Reince Priebus.

Governor Christie’s approval ratings are so low in New Jersey, it’s hard to believe he’s not hopping the first train to Washington, DC. But for now, it looks like Christie will finish out his final year as Governor of the Garden State.