Donna Brazile Plays Victim to Russia Hacking on ABC News

Donna Brazile, interim head of the Democratic National Committee, played victim to Russian hacking on ABC News ‘ “This Week.”

The Washington Times reported:

She said the DNC was “no match” for the cyberattacks, which exposed damaging emails between top party officials during the general election. One email showed Ms. Brazile, a former commentator for CNN, giving a CNN debate question to the Clinton campaign ahead of time.

“We were fighting foreign adversary in a cyber space,” Ms. Brazile said. “The Democratic National Committee, we were no match. And yet we fought constantly.”

Brazile tried to make the most of her over eight-minute interview to blame the Russians and used the term “weaponized” to describe the way the hacked emails were used during the campaign.

Colorful adjectives will not change the election results or minimize Brazile’s role in sending debate questions to Clinton’s campaign.

Democrats continue to blame others including the Russians to distract the public from Hillary Clinton’s embarrassing loss to Donald Trump.  Clinton lost the presidential election because she was a horrible candidate including slamming Americans as “deplorables.”

Even Brazile admitted Trump broke the “blue wall” – referring to the Midwest swing states that Clinton lost.

As Wikileaks showed, Brazile and the DNC were working hard behind the scenes to make sure Clinton won the Democrat nomination.

Cheating Bernie Sanders during the Democrat primary is a big story and that’s why Brazile is deflecting blame to Russia hacking claims.