NYC “Tolerant Progressives” Won’t Stop Harassing the Trump Children

trump family

Progressives are peaceful and open minded, until you disagree with them. The Trump children are learning this the hard way in their hometown of Manhattan.

According to the New York Post:

“You can’t be a Trump supporter in the city,” an old Buckley School classmate of Donald Jr. admitted to The Post. “I wanted to throw a fundraiser for [the elder Trump last spring], and my fiancée was like, ‘Don’t you dare! You’ll never get one ounce of business again in this town,’ ” said the classmate, who has his own hedge fund.

… Donald Jr.’s wife, Vanessa Haydon, who grew up in an Upper East Side townhouse and lives at Sutton Place with five children ages 2 to 9, isn’t handling her newfound pariah status well, a close family friend says. “It’s not wonderful when you’re being trolled on Twitter, with people saying really bad things and you have five kids. It’s horrible,” the friend said.

In mid-November, eight teenagers heckled a visibly irritated Eric Trump and his wife, Lara Yunaska, outside the Quality Italian restaurant on 57th Street, yelling, “Eric, f- -k your father!” and, “Love trumps hate! And on a recent Monday evening, some 150 protesters descended upon the Puck Building in Nolita to protest Ivanka Trump. Her husband, Jared Kushner, owns the building.

Most recently, a student was arrested for bringing weapons and fireworks into Trump Tower.

To their credit, the Trump children are not backing down and keeping their cool. But where is the media outrage?

If political roles were reversed, the press would be having a field day covering the harassment and the vitriol misdirected towards the future First Family.

Once again, the bias of the liberal media shows its true colors.