Chuck Schumer Warns Trump On Policy And Twitter Use

The good news is Harry Reid is gone from the Senate.

The bad news, however, is left-wing Chuck Schumer from New York replaced Reid as the Senate Minority Leader.

Schumer used his first speech as the head Senate Democrat to warn president-elect Trump on policy and slam him for his use of Twitter.

From USA Today:

“Making America Great Again” requires more than 140 characters per issue,” Schumer said, referring to Trump’s campaign slogan. “With all due respect, America cannot afford a Twitter presidency. We have real challenges and we need to get real things done.”

The Democratic leader added that “many Americans are afraid, Mr. President-elect, that instead of rolling up your sleeves and forging serious policies … for you, Twitter suffices.”

“There’s nothing wrong with using Twitter to speak to the American people,” Schumer said. “It’s a good use of modern media. But these issues are complex and demand both careful consideration and action. We cannot tweet them away.”

Schumer also warned Trump that Democrats will not be “a rubber stamp” on policy saying, “going to hold the President-elect accountable for a real policy to stop jobs from leaving the country.”

You can bet Democrats will fight Trump at every step with Schumer leading the charge. Schumer hates Trump’s use of Twitter because it’s a direct communications tool to Americans.

Schumer prefers the old fashion way of communications where the left-wing media can twist Trump’s words to favor Democrats.

Sorry Chuck – those days are over!